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Training Options

Classroom Training

  • Customized curriculum as per industry needs.
  • Training by real-time professionals.
  • The best classroom and Lab infrastructure.
  • Student friendly staff and management.
  • 365 Days placement support with partner clients.

Online Training

  • Live demonstration of of features and practicals.
  • Get LMS access of each online training session that you attend through GotoMeeting.
  • Gain guidance on certification.
  • Attend a Free Demo before signing up.

Course Content

Configuration Management Basics for Puppet

  • Life Cycle Management
  • Approaches for Deployment
  • Use Case of Script Approach
  • Use Case of IAAC Approach
  • Benefits of IAAC
  • Pull model Of IAAC
  • Separation of Code and Data in Puppet
  • Case Study on Separation of Code and Data in Chef –
  • On Reusability of Code – Puppet Forge
  • Use Case of Puppet
  • Misconceptions of Puppet
  • Expected Interview Questions

Puppet Features, Architecture, Terminologies

  • Introduction to Puppet
  • Puppet Features
  • Why Puppet
  • How Puppet Is Different From Script
  • Difference between Imperative and Declarative Style
  • Puppet Use-cases
  • Notable CM Tools Based Pull and Push Mechanisms
  • Sample of Puppet Code
  • Puppet Documentation
  • Puppet Architecture
  • How Puppet Works
  • Execution Flow of Puppet Master and Puppet Agent
  • Puppet Terminologies – Puppet Master
  • Puppet Terminologies – Puppet Agent
  • Puppet Terminologies – Puppet Config Repository
  • Puppet Terminologies – Puppet Facts
  • Puppet Terminologies – Puppet Catalog
  • Puppet Terminologies – Puppet Resources
  • Puppet Terminologies – Puppet Manifests
  • Puppet Terminologies – Puppet Module
  • Few Exercises of Puppet Basics
  • Expected Interview Questions

Puppet System Requirements and Installation

  • Puppet Master System Requirements
  • Puppet Agent System Requirements
  • Lab Setup – Puppet Infrastructure for Practice
  • Puppet Master Prerequisites
  • Setup NTP Server on Puppet Master
  • Setup Puppet Master
  • Setup Puppet Master Memory Allocation
  • Setup Puppet Master Services
  • Puppet Agent Prerequisites
  • Setup Puppet Agent NTP Services
  • Setup Puppet Agent
  • Setup Puppet Agent Services
  • Expected Interview Questions

Puppet Configuration Files and Certificates

  • Puppet Configuration Files
  • Make Entries into Configuration Files
  • Configuration File of Puppet Master
  • Configuration File of Puppet Agent
  • Request for Puppet Agent Certificate from Server
  • Puppet Cert Commands
  • Puppet Exercises

Puppet Resources Types and Puppet Utility

  • Puppet Resources
  • Resources Types
  • Built In Resources
  • Defined Resources
  • Custom Resources
  • Puppet Resources Declaration
  • Sample Puppet DSL Code
  • How to Find Resource Types in Puppet
  • Puppet Describe
  • Puppet Code Creation Process
  • Puppet Parser
  • Puppet Apply
Puppet Resources Use Cases
  • Steps To Execute Puppet Code
  • Use Case of User Resource
  • Use Case of File Resource
  • Use Case of Package Resource
  • Use Case of Service Resource
  • Use Case of Directory Resource
  • Exercises on Puppet Code
Puppet Classes, Manifests and Site
  • Puppet Classes
  • Class Definition and Syntax
  • Sample Class Code
  • Puppet Class Exercise
  • Puppet Manifests
  • Puppet Config Print Utility
  • Puppet Code Execution Process on Agents
  • pp File
  • Node Definition
  • How to Bind Site.pp Files to Specific Agent
  • Use Case of Default Session in Site.pp File
  • Expected Interview Questions

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