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devops docker course

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Course Content

Containerization with Docker Training Content

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Why docker
  • What is a container?
  • Relation between container and docker
  • Docker features
  • Why docker is so popular
  • Difference between container and image
  • Containers History
  • Docker Architecture
  • Docker Editions
  • Docker system Requirements
  • Docker installation and setup
  • How to verify docker installation
  • About Docker version
  • How to see list images in docker
  • What is Docker Registries?
  • How to see all docker images
  • How to pull images from docker registries
  • What is pulling in docker
  • Difference between Docker Pull, run, Push
  • How to run docker image
  • How to exit from container without killing it
  • How to exit from container by killing it
  • How to see all running container on docker host
  • How to check history of all containers
  • How to stop a container that is running
  • How to find latest containers that are created
  • How to get inside of already a running container
  • How to start a container and remove it once task is completed
  • How to delete or remove a container
  • How to delete or remove image from docker host
  • Relation between Images and Containers
  • How to attach a port of docker host to docker container
  • How to run a container in background
  • Difference between docker container run and docker container start
  • How to specify a name to docker container
  • How to see container logs
  • How to see processes that are currently running in a docker container
  • How to see all commands related to a container
  • How to remove docker multiple containers
  • How to check docker container metadata using docker inspect
  • How to see docker container stats
  • How to list what ports are being used by docker container
  • How to see Docker Image History
  • How to see docker image metadata
  • How to tags docker images
  • How to log into docker registries using docker CLI
  • How to logout from docker registries using docker CLI
  • How to push docker image to docker registries
  • About Docker file
  • How to create Dockerfile to build an image
  • How to build an image from Dockerfile
  • About Dockerfile Instructions
  • Expected Interview Questions on Docker

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